Evasive Safety Solutions

We manufacture and supply specialised, robust electronic safety products.

Product line

Thermal cameras

Path FindIR 2

See clearly in total darkness.

PathFindIR II

PathFindIR II is a powerful thermal night vision system that lets you see road hazards clearly in total darkness, detecting and alerting you to nearby vehicles, people, and animals.

Digital recorders

digital recorders

Mobile digital recording.

PathFindIR II

Capturing footage from vehicle mounted digital cameras, provides an accurate witness, giving irrefutable evidence in the case of false claims, crash for cash incidents or vandalism.

Benefits of PathFindIR II
  • See in total darkness
  • Automatic detection and alerts of Pedestrians and Animals
  • See pedestrians and vehicles past the glare of oncoming headlights
  • See many hazards over four times farther away than with headlights
  • See through dust and smoke
  • Have more time to react
  • Help avoiding accidents and staying safe

Backup alarms

Backup alarm

High quality bends.

Strobe lights

strobe lights

Bright visual warning components.

Flameproof cameras

flameproof camera

Robust Solutions

We design and manufacture robust solutions that are intrinsically safe (IS) or flameproof (EX d). These include flameproof- cameras, housings, cables, connecters and wiring harnesses.

Brigade cameras

backeye 360 camera

360 Camera Monitor Systems.

Backeye 360

Brigade has solved the problem of hidden blind spots with Backeye®360, a choice of camera monitor systems
that offer the ultimate view of a vehicle for the first time.

Benefits of Backeye 360
  • Can cover multiple blind spots on a single monitor. 
  • Can reduce vehicle damage and downtime. 
  • Can help reduce insurance premiums. 

Improvement on mirrors:

  • Wider angle of view.
  • Clearer visibility in low light conditions.
  • Less likely to be damaged or broken.
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